Thank You Letters:

“The kids loved you, the teachers loved you, and I think most of all, the parents were in total awe. You handled the kids so well, with so much kindness. We sure do appreciate you.”
Patty Zeid, Camp Verde United Church School

“What great fun we all had. Thank you, thank you. Everyone was entranced by your flying fingers, cards, and yo-yos. After they left, people kept raving about you. You were a definite hit.”
Denise Wallentinson, Harmon Branch Youth Librarian

“Your walk around sleight-of-hand magic is top notch. You even amaze the most sophisticated observers. Your friendly, relaxed demeanor creates immediate rapport. Quite the professional.”
John O’Neill, Cliff Castle Casino General Manager

“Your smooth delivery unfolds at a brisk pace that leaves no one behind. You allow just enough time for the ‘what?’ ‘how?’ reaction before you move on. The way you involve children from the audience and address them by name holds attention and keeps them on edge for a chance to participate. The many hours you practiced to reach this performance level were a golden investment. You made a lasting impression.”
Patricia Harrington, Saguaro Branch Librarian

“I was especially impressed by your confident stage presence. Maintaining your composure while surrounded by a herd of kids is the mark of a true professional.”
John Berkeland, Tempe Youth Services Librarian

“On the survey form there is a place to write what they liked. My favorite comment is ‘I liked that he knew what kids like.’ I need to add that I enjoyed the flute and found it amazing that the kids recognized so much of the music”
Cay Culbertson, Ocotillo Branch Children’s Librarian


Guarantee: Everyone will love the show or it’s free.